The goals were at Stamford Bridge (results)


Chelsea and Slavia (Prague) made a show in the quarter-finals of the Europa League tournament.

The Londoners won 1-0 in the Czech Republic and Stamford Bridge reached a new success, but much more dramatic – 4: 3. Mauriceio Sari's men played very strong in the first half, taking 3: 0 in just 17 minutes.

The goal from Pedro, Delley and Girou marked Chelsea's fantastic start, but Tomasz Soucek's 25th-minute strike brought back the intrigue.

Pedro scored his second goal on 27th to clear it again, but the Czechs made a very strong second goal and scored twice for Peter Shevchik, who took advantage of two assists from Sucek.

Arsenal are the other English side to score in the semi-finals after a 1-0 win over Napoli and a 3-0 overall.

Alexander Lacasett scored the only kick for the shooters in the 36th minute of a direct free kick and he refused the Italians of any resistance until the end of the match.

Napoli continue to fight for their second place in Serie A, and Arsenal will play on two fronts. Unani Emery is a specialist in the Europa League and can win the trophy for the fourth consecutive time.

Last year, Arsenal were eliminated in the Atletico Madrid semifinals.

Eintracht (FRA) won a dramatic 2: 0 victory over Benfica at home and after a total score of 4: 4 he qualified for the semifinals. The two goals in a foreign field of the previous match proved to be fundamental for the Germans.

In Frankfurt, they scored via Philip Costic (36 & # 39;) and Sebastian Röde (67 & # 39;).

Valencia finished their work against Villarreal and got another win – 2: 0 at Mestaia. "Bats" came in at 5: 1 and today were Tony Latto (13 & # 39;) and Gonzalo Gueses (54 & # 39;).

Semi-finals of an open tournament:

Arsenal – Valencia

Eintracht – Chelsea


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