The female Grisho and the male Djokovic! Nolly does not know the money anymore, see how her millions went


Novak Djokovic not only has valuable Grand Slam trophies, but also full of pockets. After winning the Australian Open titles by seventh, the Serbian earned 4.1 million Australian dollars (2.9 million dollars).

In this way, your revenue from prize pools has generally grown to targets US $ 129 million, who shot first with the tennis players.

Nole may have fewer Grand Slam trophies (15) than Federer (20) and Nadal (17), but the money is more than the other two giants on the court. Roger Federer is with 121 million US dollars, one Rafael Nadal with $ 105 million.

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Where is Grigor Dimitrov? Of course, for obvious reasons, it's long overdue. Grisho has so far accumulated the "modest" US $ 16 million. There is no other way after the Grand Slam title is missing in their hoszkri, and their overall trophies at prestigious tournaments are far, far less than those of the three giants.

They beat them for another indicator – women. Ours is an undisputed beautician and descent, and your list of ladies in your arms is far, far away. And as we often make comparisons between ourselves and the Serbs, in this case we would conclude the following: Grigor is a great cheerleader and a woman, and Djokovic is a real man and a fighter on the battlefield.

Today Nolle is in first place in the world ranking, and Grisho fell to the 24th place. The Serbian is four years older than Dimitrov – he was born in 1987 and Khaskowski in 1991.

In addition, Djokovic plays for his country in the Davis Cup tournament, and Grigor does not go to court because of Bulgaria.


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