The ex-wife of Johnny Depp proved with a photo that he was staying (PHOTOS + VIDEO)


In the depositions, the actress describes in detail how Depp beat her, sucked and tortured her. Hurd explains that he did so under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
"When I was hitting and knocking, I was excited about both of us." He was just another man, cruel and merry. We call it "monster." When he was sober, he forgot about his wild behavior … I loved him, I believed in his promises to get better and I was wrong, "admits the actress.
Describes several cases of 2015. One of them was in his apartment in Los Angeles. "Johnny came back to beat me, throwing the earl at me, throwing all the belongings in the room and banging his fist against the wall. He hit me hard, grabbed my hair, and dragged me down the stairs to the office, living room, kitchen, bedroom, and guest bedroom. I tore my hair. I was trying to reassure Johnny … Every time I was knocking on the floor, I was standing up and looking him in the eye … I said I could not stand his behavior anymore, and I was leaving. In response, Johnny caught my throat and knocked me over, "Hurd describes one of Depp's alleged beatings.

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She also argued that some of the domestic violence cases had come to witnesses, for example, her sister. Amber complained that after a scandalous divorce proceeding, many people accused her of lying that she had fabricated the bruises of the photos given to the court.
"People called me a liar, I got rid of the hype of the fashion brand, I lost a part in a movie. So many times I've been threatened with death that almost every week I had to change my cell phone. People have accused me of defamation. I never attacked Johnny, he was just defending me … I was struggling to fight against the land of good in the world – openly to act against family violence. I tried to use my fame to say publicly against violence, "said the actress.

Since the trial began between them, more and more details about their unhappy lives appear in the media. The actress illustrates her photographic history, which has to prove the aggression of Johnny Depp.

"He fell into fury and began to destroy the property, including my closet. Then my sister Whitney was with me at the top of the stairs. I was afraid she would take Johnny's hand and hit her face. It was the only time I hit Johnny. Security has protected us, "says Hurd in the case of 2015.
The actress also publishes copies of her sister's file with the governor, as well as pictures of demolished lockers and hangers. Hurd claims that this chaos is the work of her ex-husband.
According to her, Johnny Depp started drinking and hitting a year after the relationship began. He made jealous scandals to his colleague James Franco. She once wanted to kick her sister on the stairs. Hud claims that he has beaten her many times with his hands and kicks, and she feared for his life. In addition, Depp said she had no right to ban ecstasy.

The actress says she forgave him for love many times and believed that her behavior would change for the better. She also provided notes in which Depp apologizes to her and calls herself wild.
Johnny Depp and Amber Hurd were married in February 2015. May 2016 Hurd filed for divorce.
Amber Hurd
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