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Tesla takes over 38% of its solar panels

Photo: Reuters

US electric car maker Tesla has announced it has started selling solar panels and equipment associated with more than 38% below the country's average price, Reuters reported.

Tesla aims to reduce prices by standardizing systems and requiring customers to order items online.

After announcing a 36% drop in solar energy prices in the first quarter, the company announced last week that it introduced a new price for solar equipment and a sales strategy without specifying details.

In 2016, concern bought SolarCity for $ 2.6 billion, and through it, the company planned to offer consumers affordable solar panels and home electronics storage systems.

Tesla wanted to sell solar panels in retail and online stores to match the company's luxury cars.

The move was a turn in the direction of SolarCity's populist vision of making solar panels accessible to everyone and the company's sales after being acquired by Tesla declined.

Later last year, the company cut the prices of solar home systems.

At the same time, the solar tiles, which the company presented at the end of 2016, will still be produced in significant quantities.

Tesla CEO Ilon Musk said the sunroof, which generates solar energy without the need for traditional panels, is the cornerstone of its strategy to sell a Tesla fossil-free lifestyle.

So far, the concern has not responded to Reuters's queries to comment.

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