Style and elegance: Julia Roberts stuns with her unique home (PHOTOS)


Julia Roberts is a true model of Hollywood style. Your appearance is always more than perfect. The same can be said of your home.

At least this is clear from the photos that the star recently posted on the internet while looking for a buyer for her home in New York.

You cross the threshold of this 35 m² studio, you will forget your spacious home now (photos)

The actress is an extremely ordinary man. This is also seen in his apartment, which is devoid of expensive and luxurious trinkets. There are no golden ornaments, statues or paintings on it. Roberts' house is spacious, extremely bright and devoid of unnecessary dysfunctional items.

10 perfect ideas to add warmth to your room (photos)

The star "Pretty Woman" likes nontraditional things. But unlike other known colleagues, she does not order them, but uses what the market has.

How is the elegant and elegant apartment of the actress furnished and why everyone lost their minds on it, you can understand in


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