Students Dress 13-year-old girl in an external bathroom in Vratsa – News from Bulgaria


Regional Prosecutor – Vratsa filed an indictment against the juvenile AI, T.T. and P.P. for an offense committed by them under art. 151, par. 2, item 3, par. 1, ver. 63, for. 1, item 3 of the Criminal Code, the state prosecution press service announced. The three defendants were 10th-grade students in the town of Krivodol, maintaining friendly relations with each other.

By noon on March 20, 2018, one of them, AI, had an agreement with the ND, a 7th year student, to meet in the courtyard of an uninhabited school in the village of Galatin for the purpose of intimate closeness . During intercourse between the two in the external bathroom came T.T. and P.P. Then pronounced by NB. consenting to "have sex" and with the other two boys, they realized their intentions.

That same day, the girl shared the experience with her girlfriend. Later, N.B. told her story and her cousin, but was impressed by the feeling of fear, hiding the truth in front of her, explaining that she was forced to enter the three boys. This motivated his relatives to turn to cooperate with the police.

Subsequently, in the course of operative research and procedures, TB admitted that it lied about the existence of violence. She stated that she had requested sexual contact with the accused she had made without any physical or psychological limitation on her.

The trial against the three accused students is to continue in court. Although underage but having understood the nature and meaning of what they were doing and managing their actions, they met with a person under the age of 14. Considering the child's age, the victim is a crime regardless of their consent to sexual intercourse.

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