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Stefan Danailov between "it's bad" and "there is hope" – doctors, children and all Bulgarians pray (Obzor)

Vladimir – Stefan Danailov's son, returns urgently from the USA, his mother – actress Irene Krivosheyeva – announced

The beloved actor is in MMA resurrection

Asked what she knew about Stefan Danailov's condition, whom her relatives had previously reported to be in an artificial coma, actress Irene Krivosheyva replied: “Instead of writing about your health, you better pray for him. Ordinary prayer saves! "

Their son Vladimir Danailov, who studies medicine in the USA, was recently in Bulgaria with his American wife at the premiere of the play "Actress", with the participation of his father. Vlady was convinced that his return to the stage was very important to Lambo's health, but he did not hide his criticism.

"I advised my father to move more, to act.

Stop smoking,

but no yes

listen. Abiliity!

Bad habit!

You know how great he is, when he talks, everyone listens. It is a gift from God. We love each other. We are father and son! We feel it with our hearts. So I came back here for him. How much we the people are hating on this land, ”Vladimir said during his recent summer visit.

"We all have diseases and problems. He is a star, it is good to say that he is healthy. The body may be bad, it is not eternal, but everything is relative. We should not pity him and God forbid. We will support him." "Don't have pity on him. He has the spirit and the will. As always, he has inspired us with that power. It takes peace of mind. To elevate the interior to help the exterior," Vladimir added.

The state of a loved one for generations

Bulgarian actor Stefan Danailov

it's changing so fast,

no doctor or relative wants to get involved with specific information. Admittedly, several days ago he was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Military Hospital with a major pulmonary effusion due to hypostatic pneumonia due to his stagnation after breaking his hip. Despite successful operation because of its poor overall condition

October 16th

is intubated by

to be


his breath,

while blood oxygen saturation drops to critical levels. Despite the tube, however, it breathes spontaneously. It was not fully applied to artificial respiration, which implies perforating the trachea and inserting a tube through it. Yesterday, according to his relatives, doctors were more optimistic because he should be extubated, but because his general condition is severe, doctors are restrained.

Following an incident in August 2019, he was admitted to Burgasmed Hospital urgently and hip surgery was performed by the team of one of Bulgaria's leading surgeons – Prof. Andrey Yotov, Head of the Orthopedics and Traumatology Clinic, Sofimed University Hospital.

After further research at Sofia hospital in September, Stefan Danailov was assigned to rehabilitation at the military sanatorium in Hisarya.

The great actor will turn 77 on December 9. He was treated for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in Paris 5 years ago and was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's.

His niece Rosica Obreshkova, who is not only her assistant in the class leading the National Academy of Theater Art, but also the director of the play "Actress," has decisively declined information about her condition. After a few years, he returned to the National Theater.

“Pity him! Respect the request of your relatives! Enough of the media noise we were exposed to in Burgas when his joint was operated. Find it out! This is very negative for him, he is mentally stressed, "said Obreshkova, who, however, neither denied nor confirmed the news of Stefan Danailov's admission to the Military Medical Academy.

"He was breathing hard and had to use hardware breathing.



they put


with the,

otherwise, he was conscious. Obviously, not to disturb, I do not know. This was shared by Stefan Danailov's proven son Rosen Tsankov about the actor's condition. He spoke to reporters at the Military Academy yesterday morning after meeting with doctors.

"This is what we know. It's hard to get there. There's an open wound and any virus will be fatal, so it's very hard for anyone to get in. His niece Rosica has been with him several times," he added.

"They made a hole, there was blood in the lungs, but we still don't know the results.

He just sleeps

we squeeze

thumbs, nothing else

I can say ", Tsankov's tears

The recount of his words gave rise to speculation that a histological examination should confirm that his condition was unrelated to cancer. These are complete fabrications because histological examination of ascites fluid is a routine procedure. According to sources, days ago, there was concern that the pulmonary effusion was not related to a tumor mass in any lymph node, but this was refuted.

The MMA formally declined any information about your diagnosis as it is personal information. MMA doctors do not forward their phones to journalists, suspecting what they will be asked for.

"I pray with all my heart that he can handle it.

Lambo, wait,

Dear "

These nice words were written by social leader Cornelia Ninova on her Facebook profile. With her post, she confirmed that Stefan Danailov's condition is serious.

"Yes, I monitor Lambo's condition, I visit him. He fought two cancers, Parkinson's and broke his hip. It's not easy for him and the doctors, but it's Batte Sergei who survives," said the president. National Assembly Culture and Media Committee Vezhdi Rashidov.

"I talk to the doctors. They support him. His condition is not good, but please don't write nonsense and discard," commented Stockholm, where producer Georgi Toshev – co-author of the great actor's biography. life "- is in the photos.

"24 hours" learned that his students and colleagues had prayed in St. The Seven Numbers "for his healing.

Bathe Sergey in battle

with parkinson's and lymph

Beloved actor Stefan Danailov has serious health problems. They are not related to the lymphoma he has suffered for years. Because of this, Stefan Danailov stopped attending the National Assembly, but gave his home advice on the new laws. His recommendations have been incorporated (and accepted) into changes in film law.

Even his NATFIZ students take classes because he is not in good physical shape, although he is mentally perfect.

It is monitored and treated personally by the famous neurologist Acad Lachezar Traikov, whom he regularly visits. He prescribes the latest therapies and the latest medications to combat Parkinson's disease.

The doctor is convinced and guarantees that your condition will improve soon. Unfortunately, Danailov no longer has both hands. There is also shoulder pain and tremors.

Stefan Lambov Danailov, aka Lambo, Masters and Bathe Sergei, is one of the most famous, beloved and talented Bulgarian actors.

He was born on December 9, 1942 in Sofia. He dreams of becoming a sailor in the civilian fleet, because the sea has always attracted him, although there is no "maritime" blood. His first film roles are in the films Monday Morning, Sea and Almond Breath. His popularity comes after his role as Ivan Zagubansky in the movie "The First Courier", but it exploded with unprecedented power when the movie series "Every Kilometer" (1969) appeared on the television screen. As Major Deyanov, he was remembered by the mass audience in Bulgaria. The master will fight, he knows how to survive, his students are convinced.

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