Stanishev criticized Borisov for "socialist cheverme", but …


Personal interviews began with PES leader Sergey Stanishev on TV show "This Sunday" on bTV. He honored the celebrity day of all celebrities and said, "Dosta celebrates me, I'll call her soon."

The main woman, Marcheva, however, insisted that he not waste time: "Greet her now in the air." "I congratulate him," said the former prime minister.

He was also invited to comment on the BSP leader's statement on the European Parliament and his ex-girlfriend Elena Yoncheva, who a week ago said "He is the good knight". "I've always tried to defend good," he said.

According to Stanishev, his ego was not affected by the fact that Yoncheva was chosen to hold the leaves. "For me, the cause now is to win this election. This is important for Bulgaria, it is also important for Europe," he said.

Asked if, according to him, Yoncheva suffered politically from having a relationship with him, he replied: "I do not think. She is a person who gains her political authority alone with what she is doing now."

"We are a team.Everybody has his own authority, he has his biography.And we are going to work as a team," said the PES leader. According to him, the BSP proved to be the most democratic party in Bulgaria. "They are not a single party," he added.

According to him, the list of socialists for the European Parliament is not a gift for the GERB. "GERB does not rush to celebrate because 10 years ago they said they had won the election, on the contrary, the BSP has every chance of winning," he said.

Stanishev explained why he said that BSP leader Kornelia Ninova gave a gift to the GERB with his draft on the list before the National Council vote: "Because I knew that my withdrawal from the list as PES leader would become an important topic ". his campaign. "As Blitz reported, at the end Stanishev was included in the list in fifth place.

Again about Ninova's criticism, he said he did not think he had diverted the BSP from the traditional left. "The issue of the Istanbul Convention is closed by a decision of the Constitutional Court. We will not change the subject, it is not about gender, it is about protecting women from violence," he explained.

"It's been a long time for BSP to deal with people. People do not care. People want to improve the quality of their lives," said Stanishev.

He pointed out that he had no secret meetings with Boyko Borissov as PSA leader. They met only once, at the invitation of Borisov, on the issue of the Belene nuclear power plant.

Speaking to the prime minister yesterday that the "black-eyed socialists" gathered in South Park, Stanishev replied: "When politicians start blaming, that's an insult to citizens and their intelligence.

The MEP candidate also announced what he will fight in the European Parliament: "The Macron package, this is a Europe of Nations – the strengths are doubling the weak. We should not allow that."

On Borissov's words that the BSP does not have the right to criticize the government, he said: "He is not right, the job of the opposition is to point out the weaknesses and defects of the decision. current state of the country, they are responsible. "

Stanishev believes that a "two-speed Europe" will push Bulgaria to the periphery permanently. "We have to fight it," said the PES leader.



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