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Speed ​​Can not leave the parking lot? Leave it in the car (video)


Can not you leave the parking lot? Leave it in the car (video)


Parking is one of the most complex exercises for many drivers. Vehicle manufacturers responded and helped with systems with varying degrees of autonomy in this maneuver.

In some of the cars, the driver only has to choose the parking space, leaving everything else in the electronics. Cheaper deals take control only on the steering wheel, letting the driver "control" the throttle, brake and switch between the rear and the first.

And while the above systems are no longer uncommon and are available for cars even in the compact class, the models are out of the market with yet another convenience for even the most inexperienced drivers – a standalone parking system.

The secret of his job is that when driving at a speed of less than 40 km / m, the electronics remember all the action with the steering wheel for the last 30 meters as the vehicle moves forward. With the push of a button and reverse, the curves are executed in reverse order, ensuring a clear exit from the parking space.

Extras are also useful if you get on a road without an exit, or when you are off the road, you get to a place from which you can not go forward. The system is now present in three models of the BMW Group, which are already in the Bulgarian market – the X5, the new Series 3 and the previous Series 7 facelift. It is a matter of time, however, to start selling in other brands.

How the system works in video:

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