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So, look at the interior of the new Volkswagen Golf – Technology

AND. only a few months after the official launch of the eighth generation of Volkswagen Golf. It is very likely that Bulgaria is among the first countries in the world to see the Golf VIII live, but if this will happen – we are still to see (and hope).

We are now introducing the first two sketches of the model, with the interior being more interesting as it is radically changed to the current model.

From the sketch, it is clear that Golf is a small copy of the Touareg. The instrument panel is digital, there are no surprises here. But there is no more center console. Instead, we have a large touch screen that is connected to the instrument panel. The sketch is not visible, but it is clear from the spy photos that the screen of this screen has built-in sensor controls for the weather system. There is a third panel between these controllers, which is probably used to adjust the volume of the audio system. Underneath, a horizontal vent opens from the steering wheel to the passenger door. Traditional buttons are missing here. This will only be on the steering wheel and around the shift lever.

And if the outline of the interior is too close to the truth, the outline of the exterior is much more sporting and aggressive than the actual sight of Golf VIII. The model has been filmed without camouflage, making it clear from these spy photos that the ceiling will not be as careless and low as it appears in the sketch. Yes, the headlights will be thin and almost identical to those you see, but the armor will also be different from the outline. In other words, exterior design will be the typical evolutionary model of the model, while revolutionary solutions are preserved inland.

It is expected that the world premiere of the model will take place at the Frankfurt exhibition, and if we are lucky, we can see it later at the Auto Salon in Sofia in October. Sales of Golf VIII were withdrawn by the end of February 2020.

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