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Three of Hell's most well-known participants in the culinary contest, Hell's Kitchen, are developing a restaurant in the capital, the youngest participant in the Bozidar Delchev – Bozho show, the winner Danny Spartak and the silver medalist Philip Spassov.

A few days ago, Bozho, as many know the emotional metropolis, boasts a newly opened street bar.

In his personal social networking profile, he shared the official Facebook page at the pub, and his friends rushed to enjoy and share additional information.

The hot kitchen master rarely talks about his love life, but he always mentions that the woman next to him is inspiring, and that's one reason why he realizes all his goals in the culinary sphere.

Philip Spasov disappointed a large percentage of the public with his final elimination. The second place was exhilarating for the talented chef who turned his back on the family restaurant for French cuisine in Varna and opened a bakery in the capital. Although Philip's strong side is desserts, he is categorical that he gets along well with pasta. Most assortments will be in Spasov's recipe.

Hellie Kitchen's first big winner, Danny Spartak, shared the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopening a restaurant.

"I have a family project in the spring and my wife is opening a restaurant in the center of Sofia, and I saved the money from Hell's Kitchen, which is still on the bench, and is intended for the education of Nicholas, his son. It's a small family restaurant. I'm going to work with Svetla. The format unites us, we're getting ready together, I want to work with her, kind of like my right hand, I know I can count on her help. who I did not contact after the show, "says Danny.



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