Scandalous revelation of the KTB case! Tsvetan Vassilev said: "They can not get me"


The change in banker Tsvetan Vassilev came after 2008, when he began to close. This revealed the main witness in the case of CCB, Bisser Lazov, who in a fourth consecutive session describes the scheme for draining the bank, as well as the symbiosis – banking company owned by 1 person, reports to New TV.

Today, he talks mainly for the period from 2008 to 2013. At that time, all rare but controversial discussions were discontinued. "His tone was imperative and demanded inflexible performance and obedience, and he had the behavior of a leader who was confident that all his decisions were right and should be fulfilled.When he tried to conduct a dialogue, he would say," I say, I solve, I say, Lazov said, and in 2008-2009, Vassilev began to assign him tasks that were not very logical.

Lazov has been the chief accountant for Vasilev since 1998. He also said that the amount of loans granted by the CCB to pay repayments and interest payments to Vassilev's companies was initially small. Later, however, it began to grow dramatically, and Lazov gave an example of concrete sums. In May 2011, the total amount of contributions and interest paid was BGN 16,107,819; in May 2012 – BGN 22 121 825; in May 2013 – BGN 35 970 556 and May 2014 – BGN 68 798 335.

Another detail revealed by Lazov is that Vassilev's trusted lawyers participated in Bulgarian language courses. However, he did not specify why. One of the companies was named after the daughter of Vassilev's longtime security chief – Alexander Radev, Lazov, with Radev himself enjoying authority over Vassilev. The banker attended his 50th birthday – January 30, 2011 at a motel on Ring Road. He sat at a table with Lazov. In response to an answer Vassilev said: "No matter what, they can not catch me." Lazov understood these words in the sense that no one else could put him in business.

At the previous meeting in the case of the CCB, accountant Biser Lazov said: "Friendship and betrayal at the heart of the bankruptcy proceedings of the CCB." After a secret meeting in Vienna, three days after the bank's bankruptcy, Bisser Lazov realized that Tsvetan Vassilev would not be behind his employees and therefore went directly to the prosecutor's office.

In just a few hours, Lazov turned from the right hand of the banker Vassilev to the most serious weapon of the prosecutor against him. From his narrative, it is clear that he felt betrayed.

"Vasilev betrayed all people, abdicating and saying," I do not care. It is as if Jesus attracted his apostles, walked with him and, when he warmed, did not go to the cross to not follow the way, "said Bisser Lazov.

Then he turned on Tsvetan Vassilev and became a witness. The people in the leadership of the CCB did not feel betrayed. They are among the defendants.

"I have a lot of fat to go out in. I am an aristocrat in the soul, an apostle – I do not know," said former CCB Executive Director Ilia Zafirov.

"I have given Vassilev a lifetime, I have no pending task," Lazov said.



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