Scandalo was scared! Is there a spectacular failure of the rappers at the Armeec Arena? BLISTER


One of the most popular faces in the musical scene Scatodu, Tato and Lacho, ceases their performances for an indefinite period of time.

The reason for leaving the stage is the big concert at the Armeec Arena on April 6th.

The artists are firmly convinced that the preparation of their first big show takes time that prevents additional commitments from the club. Their last participation will be January 31 in a Sofia club known in Studentski grad, writes "Telegraph".

There are also opinions that Skandau is stopping to participate in order to start losing its audience and thus invite her to buy tickets for the big event. So far, the Armeec Arena has been a big bite to Scandau, and they have to hold their fingers tight and wait for a miracle to fill it. If the opposite happens, a huge fault is waiting for them, which will bring them no good.


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