Scandal! Zlatka was looking into a case with a rich metropolitan


With her current demeanor, the blonde Zlatka leaves everyone to see how much her personality has progressed. Bad dubbing and her exposures in the past are so good that her native celebrities continue to hurt her and bring to light her stranger. hairy shirts, writes HotArena.

One reason for a new dose of discovery was a conversation between Jeni Kalkandjieva, who recently was with Raikova at home, and Joro French.

In his words, it became clear that, 10 years ago, Zlatka was really at the peak with men. So she had a relationship, or as Raykova called it – "flirting" with an entrepreneur whose nickname is Tony Montana. A brief statement indicates that this case was developed at a time when the man-woman was with Blagoi Ivanov-Bagata. Let's not forget that she even played skirmishes, which she was also called flirting, with brother Bobby Rugby, who is currently with Nikita Johnson and entered Big Brother to reveal what Zlatka saves us.

Not to mention that the folk singer Raina revealed in the same program that her jacket had betrayed her blonde fury. We can safely say that not Emanuela, as the makeup artist Tsetso Andreev said, and Zlatka Raikova "divorced" men in almost all of Bulgaria.

Kalkandjieva and the French also have another theme – their atypical behavior towards Azis, which over the years has been the subject of much speculation and speculation. When Zlatka Raikova was with Kamen Balbuzanov – Bagata, she really fought with the gypsy nightingale. It's about a night on "The One" in 2012. The gossip was that Azis pushed the companion, and added the words: "Mind, mother, peasant," and then she started ripping her hair out. French Joro cut only: "Ask her Bai Mangal – Azis, how would it be for everyone in The One" …

One of the biggest scandals that the blonde did was the folk singer Emilia and her colleague Zlatka Dimitrova. The story also recalls that Emmy was devastated by Raykova, and she and Dimitrova slept regularly with the same men, which is why they have many conflicts.

Eventually, Zlatka Raikova made a point of dazzling her dirty image with her participation in a reality show as half altered, true, moral and gentle, but she had a complete fiasco. The lies and mistakes of the past that she thought were deeply forgotten were shining brightly. What will we still learn about her for the rest of her stay with her current partner Blagoy Georgiev in the VIP House?


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