Sari and Iguaine split from Chelsea in the summer, but they meet again in Rome


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Chelsea coach Maurizio Sari and striker Gonzalo Iguaine, who are hiring Juventus' Stumford Bridge, can meet in Rome in summer, Corriere della Sera said.

It is known that the coach of the "blue" is under serious pressure and is very likely not get the season led by the team, and the experienced Argentine does not justify the money and almost certainly Londoners will not seize the option to buy their rights.

At the same time, Rome wants Sari in the summer. The team hired Claudio Ranieri as a temporary coach and it is hoped that by the end of the season the current English Grand Master will take over the reins of Olympiacos.

Sari himself will deliver his favorite, El Papita. His price will fall even after his bankrupt stay at Chelsea, and Juventus do not intend to depend on him in the future, and the team is inclined to rent it again or sell it.


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