Rumen Boyadzhiev-son: My father lit me in the movie and the Californian rock


Pintelligent son of Boyadzhiev was born on June 19, 1979 in Sofia. His father's path continues – the legendary FSB musician, Rumen Boyadzhiev. He is one of the most talented young composers for whom classical music is a cause, a creed and a sense of life. She graduated from the School of Music "Lyubomir Pipkov" with Marina Mindova, with the specialty "Percussion Instruments" and the National Academy of Music "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov" with the same specialty – Prof. Dobri Paliev and Prof. Tatyana Karkarova. Piano student by Stefan Trayanov, Yavor Dimitrov, Prof. Ivan Eftimov, for the composition and orchestration of Prof. Alexander Raichev. He studied "Driving" with Ivan Marinov and Deyan Pavlov.

Music Author for documentary, animation and feature films, ballet, concert for bassoon and orchestra, Concerto for baldhorn and piano, children's operetta "The Little Boy, Brasscétte Concert, Lament Flamenco Orchestra, Requiem Table for a Great Symphony Orchestra and Choir, instruments, Romance for love, oboe and piano, and others.

He did orchestrations and symphonic orchestra arrangements for the concerts "Vladimir Amov-Grafa – 20 years on stage" (2008), "FSB – Symfoni" (2011), "BG rock-Symphony" – for 80 years BNR (2014)

In 2015-2018 he premiered of several works by the author in the field of classical and chamber music.
In 2010 he received a film composer award of the year of the National Film Academy, winner of many international awards as an instrumentalist and composer.

Drummer in the orchestra of the National Theater of Music "Stefan Makedonski", FSB, Misho Shishkov Band and others. musical projects.

Photo: Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra

Rumen Boyadjiev-exclusive son to

Photo: Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra

When and how did you start composing songs?

"The truth is, I never imagined that someday I could do that. I always imagined how difficult it was, and I let this thought pass for me as something absolutely unattainable and supreme … But one day at the Music School, I heard a play by This is the time to mention that we were a very strong class of percussion instruments at the Sofia Music School, under the command of Professor Dobri Paliev and his two daughters, and I studied until the seventh grade in the incredible Marina Mindova, which I would be grateful for. The play in question impressed me a lot and I was awakened by the masculine ambition typical of a child entering puberty – why she can, and I do not I can ?! … That's how it all started from the percussion jokes to vibrofon, marimba, xylophone … and slowly, spending hundreds of hours with the scores, getting to know things and having the courage to write about other menus,

but more importantly, I unlocked the magic of listening to the music in my mind as a message, a message of a better and better world.

Were you willing to continue your father's path – Rumen Boyadzhiev of the FSB?

"I love my father very much, he was the only person who inspired my belief that alone, listening to thousands of hours of music on the old tape recorder, I will recognize the artist in myself. He enlightened me in film music, California rock, jazz, funk and fusion, taught me to be multifunctional and to accept all the songs as valuable, for the wisdom that you can hang around your neck and always resort to it in difficult times. . We are people who live for work, nothing else deviates us, except the mission we always feel we have on this earth. I do not intend to continue my father's path, because he is still alone and in the moment, and with incredible success. (Smiling)

FSB and children of the concert "Wolf Time" (Photo: Stoyan Grebenarov)

You carry his name. How did he look like a young man?

– Little Rumen … "Hi, I'm the little Rumen!" … I was big and tall since the teenager, however, causing laughter in everyone he imagines. But it was inevitable, because they knew my father and somehow had to introduce themselves. (Laughter) Today I am Rumen Boyadzhiev-son. I do not like nicknames and diminutive names only for the closest people, so Rumen or Rumen Boyadzhiev-son are good!

In an interview you say that you can work with him, you can compare with higher education with a doctorate. And yet what is it to you?

– He is a father to me, a teacher, a man I admire, I admit that sometimes I do not understand him, but he always finds the rational way to achieve his goals while acting in the emotional, which is not always right unfortunately. I am very affectionate with him, although he has always been very strict with me, but now I am very grateful to him.

Workoholik, a perfectionist, perfect in everything he does. Forgiving mistakes. The world desperately needs these people, against the backdrop of drifting molasses into which our society has become. But this is the topic of another conversation, the important thing for me is that I could learn and follow the example of such a person.

With his mother Daniela Kuzmanova (Photo: Personal archive)

In his totally musical family, we can not fail to mention his lesser-known mother, Daniela Kuzmanova. What advice does she give you?

"Yes, my mother is a lamp, a guide of light, a sage, a counselor, a mentor and a friend, all in one.

For my parents, the reputation has never had any meaning, the result has always been important for us, we are people who believe that in order to be good, others need to be well. We never saw each other, so we did not accumulate any wealth, like others, for which the events around us did not matter.

With his brother Borislav Boyadjiev-Borce (Photo: Personal archive)

This ingenuity and idealism always cost us a lot, but neither my parents nor my brother changed. Sometimes I find it difficult, and sometimes I say we are on the right track and we have nothing to regret. According to the mood (laughs). It is a fact that my mother suffered many disturbances in her professional life because she was strong and did not give in, and people always remember with respect the moments of working with her, not counting how many musicians she helped. the sunrise on the Bulgarian stage, when the Bulgarian music seemed to have much more meaning than now. She is an incredible poet, writer, and we associate a lot as co-authors, not in a single song.

Now we are making a great and epic musical that will soon be a fact.

Photo: Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra

You are now a proven musician, composer, producer and arranger. You also play in the orchestra of the National Music Theater, several years ago a drummer and FSB. Aside from our musical bias, what do you like to do?

– I do not know if I can be called "proven", but here is the place to thank all the people who supported me in my creative projects. They are very small and will always have a place in my heart – my family, FSB members, maestros Nayden Todorov and Grigor Palikarov, my conductor Deyan Pavlov, the producer Helia Chavdarova, my copyist, editor and adviser Nikolay Temniskov, Victor Stoyanov – my long-time partner, Vladi Boyadjiev – an invaluable advisor to the sound of my recordings, my colleagues from all Bulgarian orchestras that I love very much, respect and always support, the Musical Theater staff – my orchestra colleagues, people, ballet, the actors and soloists feel like my other family. I'm sure I miss someone, but it's enough to see him send the most positive energy and gratitude that I'm capable of. All these people helped my music to acquire the kind that the public likes, and my goal is always to be happy. But, I emphasize, not at the cost of everything. Only with the means of civilization that built us as people, part of European society, with all its advantages and disadvantages. Commercial and affordable also have their own limit and it is good that it is very strictly observed.

I love cars and drive, I've always liked villages and monasteries. One day I'm going to live in anyone. (Laughs)

Photo: Personal file

What is the dream of an artist in Bulgaria?

"She's dreaming of an accomplishment." For a better market, safer access to the public, yet some return in their work. That is why, finally, the state and the people, who are behind it and are proud of it, so that it is noticed also by other countries. He dreams of creating more and more conditions. He is dreaming of an adequate law of patronage, of a ministry of proper culture, and of his place in the world of today. And, of course, for your audience, the reason to live and exist.

Finally, I would add the cliché that I dream for a little more kindness … There is more, more and more …

You are the author of a classic Bulgarian operetta – "The Little Matchmaker" in Andersen Tales, who is already playing Season 5 at Christmas at the Music Theater. And the hallways are always full. The music is also Hollywood style. But the genre is different … It is part of a triptych of operetta designed by you. Two years ago, Radio Symphons played the opening of his second opera – Ali Baba. When do you expect an upcoming premiere?

– Prepare now, in parallel with instrumental works, chamber and very different symphonies. I hope that in 2020 "Ali Baba" and another very good children's musical are ready and that the triptych ends with an opera that we are not going to release yet, but it will still be an Andersen fairy tale. The librettist Venelin Metodiev is working on this, with whom we have partnered with "The Little Matchmaker". It will be dedicated to a very special person in my life who inspired your writing, I also really like the libraries of Maria Doneva, Petya Miladinova, Julia Krasteva.


Hollywood Sounds in the Hall

Hollywood Sounds in "Bulgaria" Hall

After a few days at the "Bulgaria" Hall, his Hollywood Piano and Hollywood Concert will be performed, which is dedicated. Will you share a little more about who inspired you to create this work?

– The violin and orchestra concert was established in 2017-2018, especially for the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra and its brilliant concertina Kalina Hristova – an impressive and professional violinist, well known to the Bulgarian public for the regular concert activity of our leading orchestra and performed with the enormous support of its director – conductor Nayden Todorov and his team.

The idea and inspiration for this concert is the romantic music of Hollywood films from the 1930s to the 1970s, the so-called Golden Years. They stand out with the strong meaning and presence of music as a dramaturgical tool in them, the tremendous respect of American writers to the great romantics and representatives of the new schools of the late nineteenth century and its application in the cinema, the most important element to extend the life of the classical music, even in today's confusing times.

I searched for the distinctive sound of the glamorous, glamorous Hollywood orchestra combined with the beauty of the violin timbre present in none of the flagship productions of the fairytale factory, while at the same time trying to present my calligraphy, nature.

The warmth and expression of the concert are also an attempt to resist the cold, material, and electronic weather of today, in which feelings are deeply retracted to the soul of man.

The concert consists of only two parts, the second is varied as a partition and deliberately serves to round the cycle, and the violinist is written without excessive virtuosities and obstacles that are as clear as possible of many elements or effects to focus on themselves . an idea of ​​warmth and expressiveness. This is one of my few works in which there are no elements of Bulgarian folklore and culture, although I can still hear my love for our classical masters, certain techniques, missions and elements.

Concert by the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, Kalina Hristova, dedicated to the Rumen Boyadzhiev-son concert (Photo: Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra)

Will Kalina Hristova be a soloist in the concert?

Working with Kalina Hristova is something that every writer has to experience in order to understand the interpreter's soul and discover how many unsuspecting spaces exist. A good performer is fifty percent of an instrumental concert, and the privilege of working with one is probably the best thing that can happen to a composer.

He is working on concert performance in the United States of America in 2020.

Photo: Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra

You say that five to six years ago, every Hollywood movie was like a new symphony with a wonderful orchestration. Perhaps it is no coincidence that this concert is performed as part of the "Hollywood Sounds" by the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra?

– Thank you to the Sofia Philharmonic team for finding this song in my song. I will be happy if the listeners leave, full of optimism and beauty in their souls after this concert. To be put together with Carl Jenkins and the giant of the great American symphony, John Williams is more than an honor. I hope to meet those high requirements. Thank you!

Photo: Personal file / Collage: Julian Iliev /

I wish success to the concert on April 21st at Bulgaria Hall!

Interview with Maya Filipova


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