Rosberg believes that Ferrari is responsible for the Lökler accident


Charles Loekler
Charles Loewler, photo: Ferrari

Formula One champion Nico Rosberg believes the Ferrari team is responsible for Charles Lökler's accident in the second part of the standings. He hit Turn 8, blocking the middle of the tire when it stopped.

According to Rosberg, putting those sturdy tires was a wrong decision on the Scuderia and caused Lökler's error. The latter admitted that he did not take into account the fact that tire adhesion was different from soft tires.

"Ferrari has introduced new elements in its car," said Niko. "And that seems like a good step forward for them." It was good to see that they stepped up. But then they just dropped everything in the wind. It's unbelievable how they do it every time.

Lökler was definitely ready for the Polish. He was very focused during the weekend. I do not blame him, but I blame the staff. At Q2, they decided to make it even smarter and put the tougher tires on it. They thought: if we start the race with these tires, that will bring us even more benefits, because we are so fast anyway.

He is very self-confident, I can not say. But from there, everything evolved badly for them. There is never such a thing on a street road. The riders need a good pace. Soon after this move, Lekler hit the wall because of the tire blockage due to the lower grip. "

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