Reaction of Dembele – Soccer World – Spain


The last days are very dynamic around Usman Dembele. The Frenchman has gone through difficult times but once again proved that he can be an important player for Barcelona and bring success to the team.

Usman Dembele never appeared in the game when Barcelona won 2-0 against Inter in the Champions League. There were reports of non-observance of the discipline by the 21-year-old player.

Dembele was left on the bench at El Cassico but appeared in the second half and left his mark in the La Liga derby. He was essential for the third goal of the Catalans in the match and also helped the fifth victory of Arturo Vidal.

As a punitive action, Dembele played 90 minutes in the game against Lioness Culture Club of Kultura and was again in the bank in the visit of Rayo Vallecano.

The French played a huge role in the turn of Barcelona from 1: 2 to 3: 2 during the visit of Rayo Vallecano. He changed the pace of the game. The striker obeyed what Ernesto Valverde demanded of him. Dembele not only scored the equalizer goal in the game, but changed the mood in the team's game.

"Komara" shows an irreconcilable character and spirit. The Frenchman, who has 105 million euros in Barcelona, ​​has shown he will not accept the role of reserve and will try to win his place in the Catalans.


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