Rachkov was shot down with …


A few days after returning from a honeymoon in neighboring Greece, folk star Sophie Marinova has risen to Ratchov's "forbidden show" in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture on 16 April. The 43-year-old bride arrived on stage to sing two of her biggest hits – "The Tempest in My Heart" and "Djurdveddane," played by Goran Bregovic. In the center of the line, his beloved Gringo was noticed. Rachkov kept playing with Sophka's fluffy Englishman who was torturing her during her participation in the "Like Two Drops of Water" imitation program, in which Mitko is a coach, Weekend writes.

The two came close to the fun show, and the comedian was very impressed with his new sense of humor and cheerful temperament. Rachkov even joked about his new status quo.

As it is known, the colorful singer has been for many years a heroine of a Latin series entangled by her love affair with her stepfather Dacho.

"Sophie, I see that Gringo is in the hallway, are you still with him, have you ever fallen in love with his father?" Rachkov asked, applauding the room, then a joke was supposed to be yelling at the crowd in the crowded hall. to give 50 leads for a ticket to my show. The people who buy these apartments buy a barracks with terraces, "laughed Rachkov, insinuating the scandal with cheap apartments for power on the scandalous horizon of the" Golden Age "in Lozenets.

In recent months, Rachkov fills halls and showrooms across the country with his show. Your guest of honor is Veselin Marinov. "I'm playing with Sophie and Vesko because they're friends and I know they're not going to be angry," admits the actor. For their participation in Ratchov's Forbidden Show, the artists received a 4-digit fee. The amount that the comic book paid from his pocket. Mitko won hundreds of thousands of tickets sold, since their aisles were always overcrowded. Often the date for performance was not enough and Rachkov's team was forced to schedule a second performance in the same city. Prices, however, were different in each city.


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