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Prosecutors demand the worst measure for a farmer who was left without gypsy in Bolyarino – Court and Prosecutor's Office

The Public Prosecutor's Office requested the heaviest measure for Dimitrakis Pirilis. According to the magistrates, he committed the act for which he was charged as an accused. The evidence gathered to date suggests this. Between 10 and 20 years in prison, the law provides for punishment. He runs the risk of fleeing because he is a citizen of another country and, on April 30, his residence card has expired. Protection of the Cypress in the face of a lawyer. Konstantin Davchev asked for a lighter measure.

According to him, the evidence gathered is rather controversial – on the one hand, the testimony of thieves who entered the property of Pirilis. On the other hand, it is the statements of Pirilis himself, which describes another factual situation. One of the thieves claims to have gone with a wagon and a bus. But this is denied by the other two. The reports that Pirilis hit the victim and made several tours around his body moved at high speed. Automatic technical knowledge, however, refutes these claims.

"These are some repeat offenders," said Davchev, quoted by, adding that it is for this reason that they have the advantage of lying.

The Cypriot went to check what was happening, stopping at the animals and then going to the alfalfa fields. So the blow with the victim is done. Pirilis hits him, he does not understand what he has hit and passes through him. In addition, he helped the investigation – touched 112, went to the village center to direct law enforcement and doctors. Therefore, there is no way to talk about a deliberate crime, according to the lawyer.

Besides, Pirilis is not upset. In court, data from the commercial register were also presented, according to which thousands of hectares of land are managed in several villages – Bolyarino, Granito and others. It grows about 600 head of cattle. He also presented data on diseases – hypertonic heart disease, diabetes. In addition to helping many people in the village and other villages where there is land, he has worked for them. He was mugged many times. He should have the opportunity to continue doing his work, "concluded Adv. Davchev.

Podi Uzunov, the other defender of Pirilis, also asked for a lighter measure for the Cypress. He noted that 17 years ago his client came to Bulgaria to invest in agriculture. The incident develops at night without good visibility. It happens when Pirilis takes the workers to their homes after they have done their work. Going back, he sees three people who destroy the fence of his farm and bring five cows.

The incident occurs in alfalfa and other crops. The defendant was categorical that his client had no intention of killing anyone. There is no intention. It is a lack of intention, it may even seem that the accident is accidental, through negligence.

"I have no interest in hiding," our client said before the meeting. "The accused, like the last words, said," If I wanted to commit a deliberate murder when I was waiting, I would use a legal weapon. The police just tell me "Drink ice water."

The prosecutor added, however, that Pirilis is not a purely judicial past – there is a punishment for the 13 to 14 year olds, for which he is rehabilitated. Cypress's defense replied that he was rehabilitated. As a last word, Pirilis called for a lighter measure, or a greater monetary guarantee.

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