Prof. Kantardjiev revealed how many people die of influenza in our country


People in Bulgaria who die every year from the complications of influenza are from one thousand to several thousand. However, the exact number is unpredictable since it is not clear if an elderly person died of the illness they suffered while suffering from the flu. Last week, statistics show that patients are smaller than those reported during the same period of 2018. This was announced by Darik, director of the National Center for Contagious and Parasitic Diseases, Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev.

As of today, an influenza epidemic has been announced in the districts of Varna and Sliven, and tomorrow – and in the Haskovo region.

A proposal was made to end the school's classrooms in the district of Sliven for the period from January 23 to the end of the week. Haskovo will not learn until January 28, according to the Ministry of Health. Children's and women's consultations, visits to medical facilities, planned operations as well as preventive immunizations are also suspended.

The Prof. Kantardzhiev pointed out that the causes of death from complications of influenza are basically two: "The first, which is very rare, is related to the rapid onset of influenza – bloody pneumonia or respiratory failure, the other coming from inflammation of the brain – viral encephalitis." The other complications that are common in adults, people with disabilities or chronic diseases are bacterial pneumonia, which occurs when on the fifth or sixth day of the flu, instead of starting to improve, the phlegm becomes purulent, regret Ardite and chest pain. This is a bacterial pneumonia, a doctor and needs an antibiotic. If you do not take these measures, the condition worsens and becomes respiratory failure in the elderly and in young children. "

"In recent years, we have seen one very interesting thing – a part of severe pneumonia, which is a complication, is not bacterial, but fungal, that is, it is caused by microscopic fungi," said Prof. Katardzhiev.

According to him, it is comforting that in the last ten days, the incidence observed in the country is lower than that recorded in the same period last year.


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