Politics Valery Simeonov suggested to Borisov that another minister had a cheap apartment


Valeri Simeonov and Nikolina Angelkova

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Valeri Simeonov and Nikolina Angelkova

It is good that Prime Minister Borisov has carefully examined the ministers that there are such properties, said Valery Simeonov, leader of the NBR, for the prosecution investigation on the property of the Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee, Plamen Georgiev. Simeonov explained that he was talking about a property in Sofia, Ovcha Kupel, with an area of ​​142 square meters, bought by 61 thousand leva.Simeonov did not mention the name of the minister of which he spoke, but pointed the exact address without regard, which is the export of personal data.

According to unofficial information, Simeonov considers the apartment of Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova, which was bought in 2008 and is reflected in his statement of ownership of the same year. Then Angelka is Deputy Minister of Regional Development. It declared the "apartment + basement + garage" with a total built area of ​​142 square meters and a purchase price of 61 519 BGN. According to Imoti.net statistics, the average market price for a two-room apartment in Ovcha Kupel-1 year was 853 euros per square meter and in January of the same year was 694 euros per square meter. Angelkova paid for m2 is 433 leads shortly before the housing bubble burst according to Simeonov apartment is located next to the Ovcha Kupel Park and the diplomatic blocs there and its price should be the is higher than the neighborhood average.

According to Valeriy Simeonov, it is not right to look for the company that sells apartments, because what is established for Arteks is a mass practice in building in Bulgaria. "A massive practice of tax evasion, then a reduction in the rate of construction for municipalities, a second type of tax is hidden, anything that could not have been known by the NRA's specific regional officials as well as the county. demonstrates to society a mass practice of construction abuses, "Simeonov said.

Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov has ordered the Office of the Supreme Ministry of Cassation to check the information of the media publications on real estate acquired by Plamen Georgiev, president of the Anti-Corruption Commission, by the son of Borislav Sarafov, director of the National Investigation Service and deputy chief prosecutor for investigation. by the wife of Lozan Panov – president of the Supreme Court of Cassation, conducting inspections under the Judicial System Act.

The building in

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The building in "Ovcha Kupel" in a ravine maps at the address indicated by Valeri Simeonov.

The materials for Plamen Georgiev NRA – Sofia will have to carry out a tax audit of him and his wife in order to match the declared and received income of the two and their condition of ownership for the period 2013 – 2018. The Public Prosecution also requires the public deed for housing, acquired by Plamen Georgiev and his wife described in the publications, as well as a copy of the public deed for this transaction. The bank – in this case, Fibank – also requires all the information about buying the sale.


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