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Politics Journalists Association: And BNT is guilty of feeling that politicians can cheat in the air

Journalists Association: And BNT is guilty of feeling that politicians can cheat in the air

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While Volen Siderov takes advantage of democracy's achievements to sabotage it, it is necessary to seek accountability from those who use it or who have used it to achieve its political and professional goals, according to the position of the Association of European Journalists. – Bulgaria, about the behavior of Ataka's leader last night at BNT.

The leader of the attack caused a scandal during his participation in the BNT referendum, which required even the intervention of two police officers and a brief interruption of the program until he was expelled from the studio. The Central Election Commission announced today that there was a violation of the electoral code and Siderov could be fined between 2,000 and 5,000 BGN.

The behavior of the Ataka leader was condemned by his recent coalition partners, the NSFB and IMRO, the GERB ruling party, the government, the parliamentary leadership and others.

From the AEJ – Bulgaria, they claim that, in the harshest way, Volen Siderov abuses the rights that Bulgarian law gives him. "We are in an election campaign, the BNT is obliged to invite a representative of his party, meaning he cannot limit his presence and because he enjoys parliamentary immunity, he cannot be held responsible for conduct similar to hooliganism." specify by AEJ.

The organization recalled that BNT CEO Emil Koshlukov, who ordered that Ataka's leader be no longer invited to national television, had in fact accumulated the experience necessary to direct BNT on the television of the extremist Ataka party.

"We also remember that the last time Siderov made a scandal on BNT was last year, when he was invited by his former employee Emil Koshlukov to the" More of the Day "program. Unacceptable pressure to fire an inconvenient journalist. Tuesday night, the politician did not receive an adequate response from the current chief executive, "they say.

The organization points out that BNT's authority is being undermined from within. "The slavish attitude toward the day's forts, shown in some broadcasts, creates a similar feeling among politicians that they can infuriate the BNT and make fun of journalists and viewers. For example, we can give the interviews Georgi Lyubenov did with Nikola Filchev "These interviews are an example of everything but journalism that a public service television should present," the statement said.

The Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria expresses its solidarity with the Referendum team and BNT journalists, congratulates leader Dobrina Cheshmedzhieva for her dignified behavior and the Electronic Media Council for their prompt response.

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