Pizza pizzerias grew at work – Crime news


A ridiculous case shook customers at a pizzeria in Kyustendil. The incident happened yesterday, just after 2 pm, when two men sat down to eat spaghetti. Even when they arrived at the restaurant, they noticed the girls' inappropriate behavior, and with their eyes they saw one of them swallowing opium.

There was an instant call to 112, and a team arrived at the site in Kyustendil.

The uniforms performed an immediate check at the facility, only minutes later they found in a trash can a packet of ampoule ampoule, Monitor reported. The type of narcotic substance is established by the field drug test. A pre-trial process was initiated in the case, a public prosecutor was notified.

"You can imagine where we have to go and eat before your eyes to take care of the establishment's staff, not to mention if we were with the kids, what to explain to them," Kyustendil was angry with social networks.



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