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Pavlikeni wants punishment for forgotten scanner patient but says they are convicted without hospital

12 out of 45 retired doctors

Lab assistant leaving a sick woman for 6 hours on a scanner: an incident happened, I'm sorry

"An incident happened, sorry. I apologized to the patient many times. I worked in two offices at the same time and got this error.

After examining the woman, I was greeted by another patient who was coming to take a picture of a lung and ran to make the graph. This is how the patient got on the scanner. But

she can

come down isn't it

tied up and not

was locked

This door, which is in the hospital, has a ball that anyone can open inside. Yes, it was lifted, but five feet off the ground. I don't know what else to say, I apologized, I apologized and I can do it again! "

This was reported by the "24 Hours" X-ray lab technique Kamelia Krasteva, who forgot 6 hours on a hospital scanner in Pavlikeni, an adult patient. Doctors and relatives of Asenka Hristova, 70, searched for her until dark and even called her wanted by the police.

After the nightmare, the woman was discharged and is now being treated at a pulmonary hospital in Sofia. The X-ray culprit has been sent on vacation, but is back at work from Monday.

Camellia has been working as an X-ray lab assistant for 13 years. Before returning to the hospital in her hometown, she worked at an orthopedics and traumatology clinic in Pleven, where her work was even more dynamic, but she made no mistakes.

"This is my first time," says Camellia. He adds that patients also create tension because the flow is high and no one wants to wait. She agrees to the punishment that may be required by law. The hospital has initiated a procedure for her disciplinary dismissal, but since she is diabetic, she will probably not get there.

"The law holds," hospital manager Dr. Reneta Krasteva explained. She

does not accept

the words of

Camellia that

f alone


two cabinets,

because on October 7 there were two lab technicians and two doctors in the x-ray unit.

"We are a team here and it is very offensive to everyone, not to mention the stress and stress of all colleagues for the good of one person," adds Dr. Krasteva.

After the absurd case, the Municipal Hospital and the Health Inspectorate were inspected at the municipal hospital, but the manager still has no records of the findings.

"In the clinical path algorithm, everything is fulfilled. The patient was sent to a CT scanner to clarify the diagnosis. We do our best to ensure that our patients are seen before transferring them to another specialized health center," explains Dr. Krasteva

Asenka Hristova's case is a topic of discussion in Pavlikeni. People say the culprits should be punished, but they are also afraid of closing the hospital. In the Romantic Club Retirement Club, as they release the daily press, they comment that without a hospital they got lost because they remained adults, with small pensions and to seek help in the big cities, it is impossible for them.

"Look, the hospital is holding for political reasons, because people are poor and there is no way to close it. In Hungary, a country with 10 million inhabitants, there are 160 hospitals. There are 200 hospitals in the Czech Republic, and our municipal hospitals keep them because where to go for help, ”says Tsvetan Penchev. He was also at the intensive care center for high blood pressure.

"Well, they fixed as much as they could – they help, but the doctors are very old. And they are not eternal and what will they do next? Who will come, they want European salaries," thinks the retiree.

"Well, they have to accept, doctors have been learning all their lives," said club manager Tatiana Hristova. "I'm very pleased. My late mother had a stroke, didn't need to move. Dr. Krastev – the neurologist, treats my mother and I, then a great expert. So

the hospital has to


because it also serves the municipality of Suhindol. Our city can't do that, and the people in the villages can't carry such heavy patients, and the doctors help, my mother has returned twice from the world, ”says Tanya.

At the entrance to the completely renovated Pavlikeni Hospital, I find a man with a hand protector – a sign that he is a patient. Mitko Mitov has a second day of treatment in neurology with a sore nerve.

"I couldn't go, and here I am, out there during the day. The conditions are perfect and the doctors are careful. Everything is level," he says as he drives home to get his glasses.

Unlike the devastation in most small hospitals, there is a TV and a refrigerator in every room. New equipment has been purchased and anesthesiologist Dr. Tsiporov says his colleagues at Pleven even envy them the new generations of drugs they use.

"Because we have no right to make a mistake here," says the doctor. The problem is precisely the shortage of young doctors and nurses. "I'm 60 years old and certainly this is middle age, we all have some kind of disease. The youngest colleague is 46 years old and we have a nurse who is 69 years old and works," explains the anesthetist.

In Pavlikeni, the elderly help the sick.

The Nephrologist

Prof. Nikolov and Assoc.

the neurologist

Nikola Hristov

it's 83-84 each.

12 out of 45 doctors are retired. There is no interest from young professionals. And the problem is not the low salary. Over the past 8 years, with the support of the municipality, the hospital has settled the debts of 760,000 BGN and has been stabilized financially.

The nurses' salary reaches 1100 leads, the average gross salary of doctors is 1350 leads, but young doctors are fleeing to large cities or abroad.

"We now have two young nurses who paid Veliko Tarnovo tuition and transportation fees while they were studying. It was from the hospital budget, but they have a contract and they have to work here for 6 years," explains manager Dr. Krasteva. more complicated with doctors because they decide to specialize in a field that is simply not a specialty in a small hospital.

Assessing the importance of the hospital to the people of Pavlikeni, the mayoral candidates made it a priority.

“In 2017, the building under construction for a project of 1.167 million BGN was completed, the co-financing of the municipality was 15%. We will now work on internal repairs and upgrading toilets, hospital rooms, physiotherapy and ultrasound equipment. Otherwise, they bought a new x-ray and their municipality bought a scanner, "said current mayor and third-term candidate Emanuel Manolov of BSP.

GERB competitor Vanya Antonova has signed up for a program to manage, provide fully furnished municipal housing, or fully cover the transportation costs of doctors in the hospital's pediatrics, neurology, lung disease and physiotherapist areas.

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