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Order the next one! So let's head over to the text because, in the coming hours, weeks or after the end of the season, it's clear that Georgi Dermendjiev finished with Levski. Every week, everyone knows this news. The coach is excellent and the same goes for Pavel Kolev, although both try to convince us otherwise.

Shame on Levski! Non-existent penalty has not

Shame on Levski! A nonexistent penalty did not get the "blue" to beat 10 from Botev (Plovdiv) to Gerena!

Stolichani finished 1: 1 with "canaries"

In fact the executive director of Levski largely legitimized the future rocade coaching, sitting at a table with Dermendzhiev at the press conference before the match with Botev (Plovdiv). The briefing was very similar to that of a former chief of the jury who invited reporters to speak to explain that Judge X was not wrong in match "X", but at the same time team "X" was offended, so the judge in question "X" will be punished … So who does not have a sister needs to be explained. And Pavel Kolev did it twice in a few days, after it became clear that Peter Hubchev was the favorite to succeed Georgi Dermendzhiev in Levski's heated chair. And other support on the subject – did you hear the national coachman deny it? On the contrary, he escaped the issue like an incense demon, even fell to his colleague Antonia Bliznakova for allowing her to ask. Because?

As for Georgi Dermendjiev. On the day of the joke, it is no pleasure to say that his separation from Levski is desirable. The faster the better. Both for him and for the club. Extremely model, but extremely true is the phrase that the coach should be authority. To take the biggest pay of all sports and technical staff and players. Especially if there is a bottom behind you. Bat Gosho on paper has the latter. The Ludogorets friendly football under their leadership, champion titles, two entries in the Champions League groups … Achievements that should be a sufficient statement of confidence and self-confidence in any locker room of a Bulgarian team, including that of Levski.

Unfortunately, Dermendzhiev is not, and he, with his media appearances and behavior, himself suggests that he does not have the feeling of belonging to Levski. Yes, it is true that times are different, but the criteria for success are a constant value. In this context, if Levski had a man of the caliber of Sirakov or Stoilov, do not doubt that Dermendzhiev was picked up by a yellow card after the derby with Ludogorets. Not only because of the cowardly game, but because of the justification, notice, to the full stadium that stagnated the players! The tip of stupidity was the other day before the match with Botev (Plovdiv), when in a correct text Levsky coach announced that he did not dare to bet on juniors in the official matches, because they could be wrong and "bats will pull their ears". Excuse me a lot, but why is Levski a coach who can not bring order in the dressing room and can not earn the respect and confidence of the players? Who is afraid of them?

Georgi Dermendjiev: The attacks are not against me, but against Levski, the leadership knows how to stop them!

Georgi Dermendjiev: The attacks are not against me, but against Levski, the leadership knows how to stop them!

The Levski coach commented on a possible change

There is nothing sporty in technical analysis. Levsky did not hit one of his regular subscribers in Sofia. Losses of "Gerena" 4 points of the games with the teams of Plovdiv, was tragic against the Ludogorets, Vereya team scored 3 goals! In addition, the referees have been very supportive of Sofia's citizens lately, and a shoulder bigger than Nikola Popov says health. With a wrong penalty and against 10 people half time against Botev (Plovdiv) without his star Todor Nedelev, and finally only 1: 1 … Shame!

"The game is what bothers me ", said Nikolay Mihaylov after the game. After the slap of Ludogorets, the full stadium, Zhivko Milanov was even more direct, using words like "shame" and "insult". When such sentences appear more and more often by important figures, it is clear that things are wrong. And we thought Levsky was taking a new path. That's for success. In an upgrade, as football fans like to say. Not! Levski of Dermendzhiev does not build, but moves in the emergency range. And you do not have to be on the "high intellectual level" (b.a. – words from Dermendzhiev to club owners), to come to the conclusion that the king is naked …

Nikolay Mihaylov: We tortured Levski fans, we were weak

Nikolay Mihaylov: We tortured Levski fans, we were weak

"We are talking about the emblem, the history, but obviously something is lost in the translation," said the goalkeeper.


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