Wednesday , April 21 2021

Only on BLITZ: Suicide tragedy on Plovdiv police was pre-announced – Blitz

The beautiful Ivelina Berenska, who chose to die a few weeks ago and jumped from the block where she lives in Plovdiv, was depressed. The woman, who describes her as an extremely conscientious and good official of the Plovdiv Economic Police, has been in depression for a long time.

Colleagues shared with Blitz that Ivelina had loaned years ago to buy the apartment in the city under the hills. It has been difficult to serve you lately. She and her ex-husband had talks to sell the apartment instead of being taken from the bank because they had lots of money invested in it.

Separately, she was disappointed that her young son she brought to herself could not get used to in Plovdiv and returned to her father in Veliko Tarnovo. Ivelina's colleagues were aware of their problems, they noticed that she was depressed. They called her ex-husband who took her to a psychiatrist and took care of her. She was treated, colleagues said.

Blitz recalls that the drama was early in the morning of November 5. Berenska, an investigative police officer, has been divorced for several years with two children, a student and a student.

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