No joke! Sheikh Petroleum is now in love with Kamelia now


One of Kamelia's sexiest singers, most of us call it fire, the pop-folk girl continues to be overwhelmed with gifts by a secret admirer.

The gentleman's surprises in question accompanied his participation, and the culmination was the day before, after a performance in a club in the capital, the artist was speechless after a flag fire with a text called "Your name" was found in front of your eyes.

The secret admirer keeps track of the interest and creativity of her favorite, because "Your Name" is the title of the last hit of the blonde who broke the music charts.

"Surprises continue …", Kamelia wrote after the surprise. It was not the only surprise for the night. Shortly before, Camellia received a huge teddy bear, a bottle of the most expensive champagne, and a bouquet of her favorite tulips.

Who is the gentleman and romantic mood is still unclear, but he definitely knows how to make a woman smile.

Romantic gestures last for several months.

Four days ago, the Camelia driver had the difficult task of collecting a bunch of heart-shaped balloons in his car. "Crazy work … what's being done, thanks for the gifts," Camellia said again.

It makes no sense to mention the huge bouquets of roses that the artist has seen. The text from one of the photos says, "Whose are these nice gifts? From fans, oil sheiks, friends, admirers …"

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