Nissan president resents: "Our friendships with Renault are unfair"


Nissan, the president of the Japanese auto industry, Hiroto Saikawa, said the current alliance with the French group Renault is unfair.

Saikhava pointed to this at an address for his company associates, the Japanese news agency Kyodo reported after the arrest of already dismissed Carlos Gonz from the post of chairman of the Nissan board.

"Our relations with Renault are unfair," Saikawa said. He is dissatisfied with the fact that Renault holds 43.4% of the Japanese company and holds only 15% of the shares of its French partner in the union, and has no say in the definition of its policy.

The current administration of Nissan, according to media reports, also wants to reconsider the agreement that the Japanese company should be run by a representative of Renault, notes TASS.

The third partner in this union is the Japanese company Mitsubishi Motors. Nissan owns 34% of its shares. Mitsubishi is also led by Carlos Gon. He should be officially fired today as well.

Carlos Gon, who was arrested last week on suspicion of financial fraud, rejected the charges against him. According to NK HQ television, he said he did not intend to reduce the value of his salaries from Nissan. The same position also applies to prisons with the former board member of the corporation, Kreg Kelly.

The Tokyo Prosecutor's Office suspects that Gon has declared no more than half of the compensation received of nearly 10 billion yen or 88.5 million dollars.


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