Niki Bodurov proud of victory point against Kosovo


Nikolay Bodurov, the central defender of Bulgaria in his typical style, said that the victory point of the visit to Kosovo was a great success for our selection. The CSKA defender admitted that if the team wants to win, he has to be much more active in the top positions.

"It's a very difficult match, the point is a success for us, we show a battle and our performance is extremely unsatisfactory," said Bodurov.

Vasil Bozhikov: We show character, we were not surprised

The scorer for Bulgaria: We show character, we do not scare ourselves

"Let's see if these two points will suffice or not"

"We have shown a battle that is great, and we have won a very important point, and I do not know what it's like for the team.

"We have to score goals if we want to score three points, they attacked for 90 minutes and we were very heavy, we could not keep the ball and we were not able to create anything dangerous, we wanted to win the game. game and they caught. "It was important for us at this point to keep a point," said Nikolay Bodurov.

Petar Hubchev: Now we are second and we stand

Petar Hubchev: Now we are second and we stand

"We need to improve some things in a purely football aspect"


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