New details on the tragedy with a Bulgarian who mysteriously died on a plane after a trip to Egypt – BLITZ


As we have said, a Bulgarian tourist died aboard an airplane that traveled from Egypt to Bulgaria, and some travelers think that the cause is food poisoning in the hotel.

On 17 November, Alexandrina Panayotova and a group of Bulgarians make a trip to Egypt, organized by a Bulgarian tour operator. For the first 7 days, everyone stayed in Hurghada, where, according to Alexandrina, the food was terrible. And most of the tourists ate outside the hotel. When everyone moved to the hotel in Cairo, one of the elderly passengers became ill and the doctors said he had food poisoning from the previous hotel. The man was stabilized by the doctors and boarded the plane, but after an hour in the air he felt ill.

In connection with the tragic case, we received a letter from the mail from our office of the fatal travel participant Alexandrina Alexandrova-Panayotova, which we put without editorial intervention:

I thank all the journalists who examined the case. Late in the evening the son of the deceased had been contacted by me, who gave official information that the doctors' findings were deaths as a result of a massive heart attack. I have an obligation to provide the information received in a timely manner so as not to distribute false information to its readers. The mourner says that the Egyptian doctor's diagnosis of food poisoning is absurd and totally wrong. The grief and disappointment of food and hotel hygiene offered to Bulgarian tourists is not a less important factor, which also deserves to be discussed and commented upon. If I owe you an apology for your story and experiences I shared, consider them as delivered.

Earlier, the Border Police said the man had died of natural death and that the prosecution was investigating the case.

The travel agent commented that they had not received any complaints about the food at the hotel.


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