Near those who died in the accident near Svoge received 10 leva.


Low scandalous damage to those killed in the bus crash near Svoge, which killed 20 people. Near the victims, they received 10 leads from the company where the bus seats were insured.

Benefits were paid to three of the heirs of the perished, reported by the Bulgarian Association of Victims of Accidents. The insurer refuses to pay in large sums, claiming that the passenger transport rules are not met.

In an open letter to the prime minister and ombudsman, the victims' relatives define what is happening as a "black spot for the whole state." The insurance company commented on bTV that the bus did not make occasional shipments, which is a condition to pay an indemnity.


Plamen Zlatanov loses his father-in-law in the accident. He waited months to get compensation from the insurer and one day he opened 10 leads on his wife's account. Relatives are determined to file suit against Bul Ins.

The insurance company commented that the bus actually did not perform public transport, as is the insurance requirement. There are also documents missing to pay. They describe what happens as "blackmail" and add that even some documents have been falsified.

"Payment means that if we do, in the case of a lack of documents, we will pay with the money of other insured persons.The road sheet does not cover the route, the lists are not up to date.The documents required by the code are not provided to make it clear that there is public transport. "We are convinced in our law," said Stoyan Prodanov, CEO of Bul Ins.


The Shock Victims Association commented that if there had been any violation of the road maps or other transportation regulations, this should be done by the "Automobile Administration". It should not be a problem to pay for a valid policy.

"Of course the Bul Ins will try to find a calf under the oxen, just not to pay the relatives of the dead," said Vladimir Todorov.

The heirs of those who died in the accident, as well as those who were injured, did not receive money under the Liability Insurance. It is for another company and to make a payment, there must be a court decision.

By law, the Accident Insurance for Passengers is BGN 50,000 per Lost, distributed among its heirs. The Financial Oversight Committee has not yet commented on the case.

How did human life turn out to be worth 10 leads? Talk about scandalous damage continues tomorrow on the show "This Morning."


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