Nasko Uzunov: Judges stupidly support the Ludogorets! They were cruel to us


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Former international judge Atanas Uzunov did not hide his disappointment of the referees of Bulgaria. Especially after his Lokomotiv (Plovdiv) was cut off against Ludogorec over the weekend, when Volen Chinkov did not dare to take two penalties for the "smurfs", which he lost to Lauta 0: 1.

"They are coming to us in Plovdiv with the aim of disappointing us, not speaking as guests, in the judgment is about playing for the team that has more money, and at the moment is the Ludogorets," said Uzunov. Bulgaria Today ".

"You have to look at the game and judge if there was a penalty, you did not, one or two, but that judge came to cut us and did that, because that's how he pushes Ludogorets!" Added the former referee.


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