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Christian Kirilov, known as Mitko of "Sofia Day and Night," caused an avalanche of comments on social networks, HotArena writes.

The muscular actor was invited by Megz as a mentor in his reality. Kirilov had to motivate the girls into a workout, but instead he managed to confront the girls he did not see.

The sex symbol kicked some of the girls out of training and even got into a real shootout with one of the girls. It was Christian's remark "You're becoming a salami advertiser" was what blew the many fans of reality and led to hundreds of criticisms of it.

Formal fans literally did not stop appealing to the handsome actor under Megz, who was not present during the training, but also condemned Kirilov's behavior as inadmissible. However, the designer added that he usually likes Kirilov, and he thinks he's a really good guy, but he stepped into the role of a strict trainer and got over it.


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