Min-Chi Kuo: Bad times for Apple are coming to an end


The worst moments for Apple's smartphones are over, analyst Min-Chi Kuo is confident. His words, as usual, bear a heavy weight when it comes to the American corporation of Cupertino. The expert recalled that he correctly predicted the decline in iPhone sales in late 2018 and added that his predictions were even more optimistic than expected.

However, very soon the situation will change radically. So far, all predictions have been negative. But according to the calculations of the prominent analyst, in the first quarter of this year Apple will sell from 36 million to 38 million smartphones, which is still lower than the previous sales forecasts of 38 to 42 million. This is still a decline of about 14% on a yearly basis, but is much better than the projected fall of 29% in the first quarter.

The analyst believes that the situation will turn into the second quarter of 2019. From April to June, the market goes from 34 to 37 million iPhone, which is much more than the numbers predicted by Wall Street experts – from 30 to 35 million iPhones.

Chief analyst KGI Min-Chi Kuo is of the opinion that if the US-China trade war does not worsen in the second half of this year, the positive momentum of iPhone sales will remain.


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