Wednesday , April 21 2021

MEPs urge Amazon to stop selling Soviet-style items

MEPs asked Amazon chairman Jeff Bezos to stop selling Soviet-style items through his platform, as it is an insult to the regime's victims, French media reported.

The call came after Wal-Mart's American retail giant pledged to stop selling thread-and-hammer clothing in September for similar complaints.

In an open letter, 27 MEPs from 13 countries asked the Amazon platform to stop trading with products represented by the Soviet Union's sickle-and-hammer symbol. Callers mention t-shirts, carnival costumes, banners and souvenirs. MEPs point out that the total number of victims of the Soviet regime exceeds 60 million, with no more than 10 million people deported to concentration camps in Siberia, where they have been subjected to inhuman living conditions, forced labor, hunger and physical violence.

Amazon sells red T-shirts with a scythe and a hammer and inscriptions in the "Soviet" Cyrillic alphabet – the same as those offered previously at Walmart.

MEPs welcome the decision by German sportswear maker Adidas to stop selling clothes bearing Soviet symbols in May. / BTA

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