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The world is waiting for the birth of the new royal heir. Megan Mark's baby and Prince Harry will soon appear on the air. Many online users, however, are convinced that the Duchess of Sussex has already given birth to her son and kept it a secret.

The reason for not revealing the news is still his desire to save himself from the attention of peoples and recover before appearing before the eyes of the British, conspiracy theorists are categorical.

There is a variety of "evidence" that the Duchess of Sussex's baby was born, they say. According to some, the fact that Megan has not appeared publicly for some time is quite dubious. But the truth is that not only is Megan missing in secular space. Harry also misses the official events and the last one he was on April 4. This even raised doubts about whether the baby was born and whether the prince had failed to fulfill his obligations to the Crown to stay with his heir.

The appearance of Megan's personal makeup janitor, who took care of the former actress's dress on the day of her wedding at Windsor Palace, further reinforced the rumors that Marcel had already begun. Makeup artist Daniel Martin made his own on the Instagram from the Windsor Palace. And, as you may remember, for several months Megan and Harry live in Frogmore House – a mansion on the grounds of the castle. This prompted many to say that the makeup artist was at the Royal Palace to embellish Megan for traditional photos of her newborn.

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