Monday , October 18 2021

McLaren did not expect to be so fast


Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz, photo: McLaren

Carlos Sainz said McLaren did not expect him to be so fast on the weekend of the French Grand Prix. The Spaniard is sixth on the grid and in front of him is his teammate Carlos Sainz. Both topped Sebastian Vettel with Ferrari.

McLaren uses the new Paul Ricker suspension and it looks like the car works perfectly with the tires. Both drivers showed a great pace with the average tires. With them they have passed the second part of qualifying and will start the race tomorrow.

"We did not expect to be so good at qualifying," said Saint. – I personally have had difficulties with my car all weekend. And I did a lot of experiments. Fifth and sixth are awesome for the team. Tomorrow I can not believe we're so fast. We will try to be the best out of the top 3 teams. "

Norris said McLaren had no secret improvement in the car because of the team's great performance at the French Grand Prix this weekend.

"I'm happy," Norris said. "We did not expect such a rating. We're in front of Vettel. I'm sure it will be difficult to beat him tomorrow. But we are facing these drivers that we have to be ahead. I heard rumors that Renault had said we had some secret improvements in the car for this race. I wish it was, but we do not have it. "

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