Make it more beautiful, and they just broke (photos)


Inter Milan star Mauro Icardi, Wanda Nara, was once again dominated by negatives on social networks. Critics of the blonde are multiplying every minute, and that makes them irritating.

After seriously intervening in the plans of Inter to hold the Cardinal and, for now, more likely to leave, Wanda gave another reason to be attacked.

The former erotic model was shown in pajamas in the streets of Milan and with a makeup that highlights the cheekbones and lips, completing the vision with comments. "If you do not have critics, you probably will not succeed!

"What are these pajamas, look at what you look like," "This is one of the rare occasions when you're dressed in front of the cameras," "You do not look like you when you have cheekbones and lips" , said some of the comments, which lack obscene words.

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