Maggie Halvadjian exposed Slavi Trifonov


TV producer Maggie Halvadjian said in an interview with the Gallery that Slavi Trifonov is lying that he won the case against the Lords. In fact, it was the exact opposite. The famous Armenian allowed himself to comment on what he thinks about the Slavi show and also looks at whether the screenwriter Ivo Siromahov is in good shape.

Asked if Slavi's show was out, the TV channel said, "It's hard to talk about Slavi because we had a very good relationship." I will not say we were friends, but we were visiting the nights. videos and the best.We worked very well together, he had my full confidence.When we were in a relationship, I would not allow myself to talk about it because it was our personal things.As a professional, however, without being influenced by my relationship with him, I will say that his program has been very tired and exhausted, and it was obvious that Slavi lost a lot of his audience, and there is nothing wrong with that. but in a moment I stopped, because I'm not interested anymore. And at one point he also started to bring serious political elements, and I want to have fun at night. "

Challenged by an investigation, Maggie allowed herself to comment as Slavi as a political future. According to Halvadjian, Longyia is tired and politics needs to enter with powerful energy. Still, he wants success in the venture, if he wants it.

Magardic is also not satisfied with Ivo Seromachov, who tries to imitate him regularly. Externally, the screenwriter, who had been playing for a long time and as an actor, brought him, but did not do enough to recreate his full image. "I have gestures, a way of speaking and behaving, moving … and Seromachov depends only on the vision. Personally, I have fun with these things and I look at them with a smile, but for me it is important that the imitation is good, but I do "like two drops of water." Maybe Ivo just is not a good copycat, "concludes Maggie.

Halvadjian flatly denied Slavi's words that Trifonov had condemned the Armenian family for violating copyright.

"There is no such thing as these things I do not like in Slavi because I do not talk, and he tells himself in the show every night and people get the wrong impression. He said, "I do not know if I'm going to do it, but I'm not going to do it, just quote who the author of the pictures is, and he said he did not like it and acted.

Our relationships have not worsened because of this, and a year and a half later for other reasons I do not think I should speak. Slavi lost all matters. The only thing the court admits is that when we broadcast footage from the Slavi Show, we have to write not only that the pictures are taken from there, but that we should write that Slavi Trifonov is a producer of the show. And we fulfilled that. Therefore, Slavi's claims that the court has condemned us and can not convey images of his program are, to say the least, a lie. We can and we will convey images because the law allows, and the court was firm in its view, "Maggie said.


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