Liverpool's Atomic Trio staged a meeting with Barca


Liverpool qualified for the Champions League semi-finals after a 4: 1 win in Portugal. Then, after a total of two games, 6: 1, Juergen Klop's men settled in Barcelona and only one of the two teams will play in the Madrid final.

The victory of the "reds", however, did not come easily. Port made a lot of gaps especially during the first half. The English team scored three goals with their first three points in the draft. Sadio Mane gave the team the lead 26 minutes in, and Mohamed Salah doubled in the 65th minute. Edmond Milliato reduced to Porto on day 68, and Roberto Firmino (77) and Virgil van Dijk (84) finished the hosts.

Porto started the game very hard, and the passes before Alison's door followed one after another. In the first seconds of the game, Jesus Coroa sent a big rebound to the Brazilian guard, but the ball licked the upper beam.

Musa Marega, as in the first fight, was quite active. As with Anfield, however, the Malians never found their touch naked. Taran tried his luck three times in the first 20 minutes but he was never close to a goal. Brahmi also tries his luck, but he also failed to score.

The big pass was to Ector Erera, who jumped in the middle of the first half against Alison but he slowed down and eventually did not make the ball in the end. In the attack, Liverpool punished the omissions of Porto.

Mohammed Salah was shot in the penalty area of ​​the hosts, with his back to the door managed to direct the ball to the far beam with something half between strike and pass. There was Sadio Mane, who managed to detect the ball in the net. Originally, the goal was canceled due to an ambush, but the VAR helped the referee to read it.

The events of Etadio for the Dragon did not change and after the interval – the hosts attacked chaotic while the English were attentive to each error and responded with a lightning counterattack. In one of the 65 minutes, Mohamed Salah was taken alone against the Portuguese goalkeeper and easily scored for 2: 0 with the second touch of the "red" in the match.

Just three minutes later, the Portuguese returned a goal after Real Madrid's future Eder Milliato scored after a corner kick from Alex Telech.

Shortly after, Mane made one of the omissions of the season, when he was alone against Casillas, turned it, but could not hit the open door. Still, the third goal did not break – 77 minutes later, Jordan Henderson hit Roberto Firmino's header and the Brazilian scored 3: 1.

It was not all for the hosts after 84 minutes Vergil van Dike scored a fourth goal. The Dutchman was left alone after a corner kick and led the door just pointing the ball back from the goal.

Porto – Liverpool 1: 4

0: 1 Healthy Man 26 & # 39;

0: 2 Mohammed Salah 65 & # 39;

1: 2 Eder Milito 68 & # 39;

1: 3 Roberto Firmino 77 & # 39;

1: 4 Virgil van Dijk 84 & # 39;

Port: (46 – Suárez), Hérera, Coroa (78 – Fernando), Brahimi (81 – Kosta), Marega

Liverpool: Alison, Arnold (66 – Gomez), Matip, Van Dijk, Robertson (71 – Henderson), Fabigno, Wainlidum, Milner, Mane, Salah,


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