Kubrat Pulev before bTV: I could take millions, but Bulgaria is my joy


"The game with Hugh Fury can be held in England and win millions, but Bulgaria is my joy and that is why I wanted to make people happy here," said Kubrat Pulev in the broadcast of bTV "This morning". On October 27, Cobra defeated his rival in front of the full arsenal of the Armeec Arena and again was the official candidate for the World Cup Federation World Boxing Title.

"Some yellow newspapers wrote that I took a huge amount, but this is not true, I could have taken it to another place, but not here unfortunately, but this is my joy, it is not more difficult for the Bulgarian public – people They they brought holy water from the monasteries and they pulverized my corner, and they realized how they were taking me and my games The money goes to the bottom They not only think me good but they take my battles as a personal cause and that's what gives me English energy, but they did not hear his voice, even though they were urged to do zulumi. "

"The good humor after a win like this keeps me going a whole year, I got a little more gypsy because I was not in the ring for a year and a half and the routine was a role I chose to go to Mount The Mountain because it is He influenced people, their self-esteem, the emotion in front of the screens and in the hall, the galata was transmitted in many countries, and that music sounded around the world, giving me pride and joy. "

Kubrat added that he had no rituals before a match. "I believe strongly in myself and in the Lord, the people around me are very important because they give me security and support, we go out and we mix in. Together, I correct my coach Uli Vegner, he says" you should ", and I I say, "No, we should."

Pulev stressed that while audiences in Germany watch boxing as theater, Bulgarians are much more emotional. "In the ring, I hear people get mad at every move, they're more like Kubrat Pulev in our country than boxing."

The boxer also revealed that three days before departure, Fury had a fever. "I was 39 degrees, but I took it one day, but I thought I was going to get in the ring and I could not tell people, and I had an injury like that prevented me from playing Joshua, but less, and we already have experience – it's not just yelling, faith is important – you're starting to look for a way out – and it's just one – we're going ahead and winning! "

"I saw the skull of Fury through the archway that opened up to him, giving me self-confidence, crushing him, and in the next round he tried to attack a lot, but that could not be done, I was not taken off the street and prepared. I stood and he collapsed mentally – he saw that he could do absolutely nothing, a blow weighing several tons, depending on where it would come from – in the beard, in the very bruised body, and in the last few rounds it was a bit like the movie Bloody Sport.

"Before the departure of Fury headquarters, there were a lot of dirty numbers, but I told them – go and tell him I was going to fight him." He was very serious, but he saw that there were no clues, and Klitschko's defeat was not an end for me. I am upset with the Bulgarians who supported me in Hamburg, for the first time they took me to boxing and I have more than 300 amateur games. "

Kubrat once again outlined the key role of his father Venko for his patriotism and champion spirit and his brother Tervel. "He knew our names and planned what we would do before he conceived. He also wanted a third son to seek Asparuh, I'm sure he's looking at us somewhere and proud."

"I wanted to have at least 5 or 7 kids, but I'm starting because I'm working hard," laughs Cobra, who has been in contact for years with performer Andrea.


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