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England will play in the four finalists of the League of Nations! "The Three Lions" gained emotional success over Croatia with 2: 1 at Wembley in the decisive match of Group 4 in League A of the competition.

Thus, the English team managed 7 points and managed to beat the current leader, Spain (6 points). Croatia (4 points), on the other hand, fell to the C League after being the last. Under the rules of the race, the leaders of the four A League teams competed in a final tournament in June 2019.

England - Croatia

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At Wembley, England made a spectacular 0: 1 to 2: 1 turn, and the winning goal was made by the great star of Harry Kain 5 minutes before the end of the game.

Before that, Andrey Kramaric gave the Balkans a 57-minute lead. However, Gareth Southgate's changes have changed the course of the meeting. Jesse Linggaard drew 12 minutes before the end, and Kane was emotionally charged to the stands after a 85th-minute gold goal. It was Tottenham's 20th home team hit, which equaled him to Jermain Defoe and Martin Peters .

After this success, England have lost only two victories in their last 28 matches for Wembley, while Croatia are still unsuccessful at this stage of 2007 (3: 2).

Both Southgate and Dahl could not trust one of their big stars. The outsider was Jordan Henderson, who suffered a trauma in the hours before the game. For Croatia, the great absentee was midfielder Ivan Rakitic.

England - Croatia

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The meeting began to spin. In the second minute, tense pressure came in front of the host's door, after a back-to-back ball to Pickford hit the guard. It did not go well and the ball fell on Rebecch's foot. He shoots without further delay, but leaves.

At 11 minutes, the English responded. Harry Kane managed to control the center and cut off his opponent's defense, Sterling drew a powerful sprint behind the defensive line of the waders and looked at Lorena Kalinic. The guard, however, narrowed the corner and managed to pull Stirling's shot around the corner.

Second after the corner, Kane had the chance to stretch the net close up, but did not hit the ball well and left.

In 16 minutes, the striker was again close to the attack. Fabian Delf sent a long ball into the front row for Rahim Stirling. Goalkeeper Kalinic advanced and killed at Kane's feet. The Tottenham forward enters the door empty, but somewhere there was Lovren on the way to the goal. The ball hit Kane again, but he slowed down and the second jam was blocked by several Croatian guards.

England - Croatia

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At 25 minutes, Chillwell fired from a diagonal distance, but Kalinic intervened again. In the following minutes the game diminished and both teams played with more caution.

5 minutes before the end of the first half, Chillwell focused in front of the goal area. There, the keeper of the goalkeeper hung, and the ball fell to the foot of Barclay, who offered, but could not find the target.

The second half began to beat Croatia. Andrei Kramaric opened the scoring in the 55th minute. He received in the penalty area, held for a few seconds without being attacked by any English player, turned and fired. Retrieving on Dyer's leg, he made the ball unscathed for Pickford, who failed to reach him despite his board and allowed the ball to fly into his net.

After 61 minutes, Perisic took the lead. Joe Gomez tried to catch him, the wing of Inter fired from a small corner, but he was not lucky to find the door.

England - Croatia

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The 78th England is good on goal. A corner kick in the penalty area was not verified by any player in Croatia. The globe was good for Kane, who was very clever in Kalinic's recovery. The ball went to the empty door, where Lingard added to 1: 1 with his fourth goal for the national team.

On 81 minutes, Croatia had two great chances to take the lead again. Life throws his head in the immediate vicinity after a corner shot, but Pickford shot down. The ball returned to a lot of players, where Vida shot again, but Linggard was on goal and shot down.

5 minutes before the end of the match, Jemble's joy fell after Harry Kane took a direct free kick and brought the hosts a success. It was the 20th goal of the England team, interrupting the level of 8 games without a goal.

England – Croatia 2: 1

0: 1 Andrey Kramaric 57 & # 39;

1: 1 Jesse Lingdard 75 & # 39;

2: 1 Harry Kain 85 & # 39;

Compositions of both teams:

England: Jordan Pickford, Kyle Walker, Joe Gomez, John Stones, Ben Chillwell, Fabian Delph (Jesse Linggard 73), Erik Dyer, Ross Barkley, Rahim Stirling, Eric Dyer, Barkley Ross (Dele Ali 63), Rahim Stirling Cain, Marcus Rashford (Jennifer Sancho 73)

CoachGarrett Southgate

Croatia: Lorena Kalinic, Shime Vorshalko (Anthony Milic 26), Dejan Lovren, Demagey Vida, Tim Yeday, Luka Modrich, Marcello Brozovich, Rebte Ante (Josip Bregallo 46), Nikola Vlasic (Marco Rog 79) Kramaric

CoachZlatko Daliich

Chief judge: Thassos Sidropoulos

Stadium: "Wembley"

Final Group 4, League A

England – 7 points, 4 games

Spain – 6 points, 4 games

Croatia – 4 points, 4 games


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