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The Balkan Grill Festival and Fine Music – "Mezii" goes to Stara Zagora in the coming days. On 10 and 14 April in the city under the linden trees – Artillery Park will be a 5-day marathon with many games, music and surprises for visitors, admission is free.

Traditionally, this time the best Balkan grill makers will turn their specialties to every guest. On the stage of "Stara Zagora Mesi" there will be no more than two show business names. From the Ku Kung Band musician, Gojji, to rapper Paul and Ventsi, to Serbian star Dragan Koic-Keba and the comedian who laughs Krasi Radkov.

The festival program is all day and extremely rich in variety. Children's entertainment, sports demonstrations, karaoke shows, games and what they will not diversify daily routines. On the first day of the festival "Stara Zagora Mesi" will appear on stage rapper Enchev and his duet mate Marieta, so with their successes will invade Pavel and Ventsi.

The next day – April 11, a night of comedy will be performed with musicians from Vivo Montana and actor Krasi Radkov. Gorey's repertoire will be marked on April 12 and, in the 13th stage, will meet with singer Marina Toshic.

Besides her, her Greek colleague, Aristos Konstantinou, who arrives with us with a band and many Bozoukitas, is also expected. The final day of "Stara Zagora Mesi" will end with a concert by Keba and folk singer Ivelina Koleva. "In addition to good music, visitors will have the opportunity to savor unique Greek specialties. Grills from Turkey, Serbia and Bulgaria will attend the festival. There will be a special facility for smoked meat, the barbecue.

Outside of the delightful theme, expect a lunar park where the largest caravans with attractions, an exclusive shooting range that arrives for the first time in Bulgaria, will be hosted. "This new form is also a 3D movie, "Thieves of Nuts 1", "Thieves of Nuts 2" and "The Son of the Big Step" will be broadcast in different formats. days of the event.

For adults, the tournaments in white, backgammon and burgundy are scheduled for adults. Patriotism is a familiar game with curious questions from the history of Stara Zagora. The best will win a bottle of wine and 3 kg of a haiddock plateau. A charity lottery from the "Georgi Enchev Foundation" will be played every night. The case under the title "Yes to non-violence" is against violence in schools in Bulgaria.

The funds raised will help filming a commercial movie debating the problem. The next stops of the national tour "Bulgaria Mesi" are in Bankya from 28 April to 6 May, Pazardzhik – from 16 to 19 May. On the occasion of the Festival of Roses in Kazanlak – May 30 to June 2. Plovdiv will be held from 5 to 9 June and in Svilengrad the festival will be held from June 13 to June 16. On the occasion of the shopping celebrations, "Mesi" will also go through Elin Pelin from June 20 to 23.

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