Japanese cars are no longer the most reliable


It is based on the opinion of its owners for the first 3 months after its purchase as new. And they are no longer Japanese brands like until recently, and South Korean brands reported to Wired, quoted by Automedia.

"It is very important that manufacturers keep up-to-date. For this, they have to follow two main trends – equip their cars with the best multimedia systems and driver's assistant."notes Dave Surgent, who is one of the conspirators of such research at JD Power.

First in the ranking, which is based on the number of problems that drivers encountered in the first 3 months, is the premium brand Genesis. 100 cars of this brand are reported to have 63 problems. Genesis is classified KIA (70/100) and Hyundai (71/100).

The following are three American brands, while the previous leaders in this ranking Lexus and Toyota are in 7th and 8th place. The average number of problems on this chart is 93/100, with only the top 5 brands being the best.

According to Surgut, the leadership of Korean brands should come as no surprise, as they have long been looking to upgrade their information and entertainment systems, which combine navigation and multimedia functions, and also offer good integration with a smartphone.

"Customers complain of two major types of defects. Some of them are local and serve only one model – for example, by randomly switching the headlights. Others are related to the use of voice commands for navigation. In general, cars are already producing far fewer problems and the quality of mass producers is approaching that of premium brands."said Surgent.

Most complaints usually come from basic cruise control and other semi-autonomous control systems, such as the Cadillac Super Cruise. Their biggest problem is that car owners overestimate their abilities. Overall, the percentage of new car claims fell 14% from 2009 to 2019.


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