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Former mayor of Mladost Desislava Ivanchev and his deputy Billyana Petrova, who were sentenced to 20 and 15 years for a bribe of 187,500 euros by the contractor Alexander Vaklin, showed the emerging cadres in their participation in the show "Honestly with Lyuba Kallezic & # 39; on Eurocom TV.

Bilyana Petrova appealed to Luba Kallezic, the program's host, saying: "In addition, thank you and your viewers, I would like to say that Mrs Kulezić is an impartial and honest journalist of the few remaining in Bulgaria. shocking and exclusive revelation of how the money in the car has just arrived.A question that has been in our hands for a long time and perhaps a large part of the public, "said Petrova.

In turn, Desislava Ivancheva explained about the video: "Thanks to the experts who told us, they gave us the idea and gave us the direction, really things are as Mrs. Petrova will introduce you."

"Now you will see the video, the BNT struck a hard blow in the case itself, the court asked them and they joined the case.The material is 40 minutes, we do not have criminal thinking.We saw the investigator who finds money doing this with someone (with thumbs up), and then Anton Slavchev comes in and gives a positive signal. Criminologists contacted us and told us to pay attention to other elements of this video, "said Bilyana Petrova.

Bilyana Petrova commented on the video and in the beginning she remembered that in her opinion, the pocket of the investigator's jacket was swollen and heavy, and after her actions in the car, the pocket lit up and was unlocked.

According to Petrova and Ivancheva, this is precisely the key moment when the money in question was placed in the car. As part of their participation in the "Frankly with Lyuba Kallezic" program on Eurocom TV, they repeatedly asked the experts to contact them and help them reveal more details on the BNT filming.

Filming and commentary by Ivancheva and Petrova, see the video:

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