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A security chief was at the bottom of the split between the folk singer Cali and her third husband – tour operator Vladimir, reported "Gallery."

The end of their relationship became known to all of Bulgaria after the folk singer told a TV interview about their relationship. Vladimir, however, has a different version of his cohabitation, swearing that Cali has hit with another.

According to sources of the question, it is the head of a security company, whose services the singer has repeatedly used. The artist is regularly accompanied by participation guards, and she knows her lover. Vladi caught his lying mate after he searched for his phone and read some dirty messages between them in Vaibar.

"She was lying to me that there was nothing between them, and that she flirted because it was part of her job," Vladi complained to her friends. Eventually, Kaley was the one who gathered his luggage and asked to get a divorce.

Vladi is convinced that he made that decision so he could spend more time with his lover.

"He was insulted in a very ugly way, he called me a child, I was subjected to constant psychological harassment, and I loved him with all my heart and soul," Kali told the media, but according to Vladi, the singer saved her in the interview. for example, the folk singer did not mention her dependence on roulette.

In his words, Kali regularly distributed his fees to the casinos and Vladi had to cover his pines. Another rumor is that the artist "4-4-2" abused prohibited substances.

Kali and Vladi had a relationship that was not legalized for almost 7 years because their mother-in-law did not like her. The tour operator has a 5 year old son and is currently fighting in court for him. Folk Wild has two more boys from two different men.



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