Irina Shake hit the fish, wore a bra on the streets of Milan and showed ….


The model Irina Shake shocked passers-by after leaving a very spicy dress. Not surprisingly, one of the reasons for the separation between Bradley Cooper and the beauty is that he simply can not tolerate his desire to unwrap.

In we already revealed to you What a terrible bomb Jennifer Aniston played blaming Brad Bit on a monstrous lie. We show you photos of Angelina Jolie, who looks pale as death and managed to scare her fans.

It seems that while the two were together, the model was constantly being restricted, rarely exhibiting public events, and during the walks looked like a housewife tidy.

The richest woman in music with a shocking confession: My mother did not give me …

Well, now Irina has no obligation from anyone and she's back in the "Coat of Arms", allowing her to wear the clothes she wants.

See how Irina Shake got naked and what clothes she just killed the fish from


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