Monday , March 1 2021

Investigators shocked by the revelation about Staykov, caught a scandalous sash! BLISTER

The son of the alcohol chief, Menyo Staykov, arrested in Staiko, was arrested with grass before leaving the hiding place and surprised with the allegation that he was kidnapped, writes the Telegraph.

This conclusion is made by the investigation team on the case after issuing the medical examination of the detainee. They show that in the blood of the 29-year-old man, sought 5 months ago by Interpol, there are traces of marijuana. Meanwhile, the controversial situations surrounding the millionaire son continued.

The head of the SDR with new revelations about the BLITZ's exclusive news on the action with mutli with Stayko Staykov

Four of Stavokov's security guards, led by his lawyer Takov Jr., invaded the Home Office in an attempt to get him, but they were stopped. "You keep him here illegally," the guard said to the officers of the Guards General Directorate, while the guards were culturally next to the door of the hospital room.

Although the strong boys did not cause problems, the reinforcement was called. Sofia's SDR chief Georgi Hadjiev explained yesterday that the guards left with the idea of ​​taking over their guards.

Criminologist with a sensational version: The kidnapping of Stayko Staikov is likely to be a foray

As already clear, Stayko claims to have been sedated by his captors and his hands have traces of injections. "We did not hear injected marijuana," police said.


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