In Tesla's electric vehicles, anti-vandalism will appear


Tesla owners will soon worry about their parked electric vehicles. If someone hooks, hits or tries to get into the car, the electric car cameras will record what happened and it will be easy to see who is guilty.

Tesla's general manager and co-founder Ilan Musk said in his Twitter account that the new mode is called Tesla Sentry Mode and will be integrated into the new version of autopilot.

The car will use a video recorder that will be permanently powered on, or will automatically power on when it is hit or penetrated.

So far, there are not many details about the new security regime. Mssk has just said that the technology has been approved by US regulatory authorities and will certainly be used in electric vehicles.

In October last year, Tesla introduced version 0.9 of its company software, including a new user interface for the central display and the ability to use front-facing cameras built-in as a video recorder. This feature is only available for models released after August 2017.

For now, the video recorder records on a flash stick everything that happened in front of the front camera of the electric car in the last 10 minutes. In general, this information can be sent to an electronic cloud to save more data.


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